Tour At The Beach

He enjoyed the beach of Rethymno with a Seqway. Within a short time you will discover the beauties that the beach provides with the possibility of stopping for a swift dive in its incredible waters as well as the old town of Rethymno.​


Starting from the coastal road we enjoy the incredible view of Rethymno. You also have the opportunity to stop for a swift dive into the turquoise waters of the beach. Then you return and meet in front of us the Venetian harbor with its magnificent Egyptian lighthouse. You then drive through the historic city center where we see the Rimondi Fountain, the Neratze Mosque (today’s Conservatory), which is characterized by the city’s tallest minaret, the Catholic Church of St. Francis and the Guora Gate. Then you find on our right the Loggia, a brilliant 16th-century building and we enter Arkadiou Street, where from the period of the Venetian occupation until today, one of the most commercial streets of the city. At the end of the road you find the mosque Kara Musa Pasha and the square of the Unknown Soldier.


Children under 7 years old are not allowed to do alone. Of course if they want they could do on  the same Segway with parents or tour guide with a 50% lower cost.

Pregnants are not allowed

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All protection measures are taken by COVID 19. Helmets and reflective vests are sterilized by a special machine at 120o C.