1. How does it work?
Easy to use and operate, the two-wheeled Segway has 5 gyroscopes that monitor your balance 100 times a second and automatically respond to your body’s movements. To move forward, the rider simply leans forward. To stop or move backwards, the rider leans back slightly. The rider glides smoothly as the Segway senses wherever he/she wants to go.
It run with batteries that can last up to approximately 35 Km.
2. I have never ridden a Segway before. Are they easy to ride?
Yes! Absolutely! Everyone receives proper Segway training before the tour and we don’t start the tour until you feel comfortable. After just a few minutes the Segway connects to your nervous system and riding becomes natural and intuitive.
3. How fast can I ride?
The Segway has a top speed of 12.5 miles or 20 klm per hour. All of our tours operate mostly on pedestrian areas so the half of the maximum speed works well. Riding times vary with hills, rider’s weight, battery type and speed. Segway has key settings that limit reaching top speed. Each location on our tours determines the appropriate top speed for its local route and conditions. Many times when we are passing by crowded streets in the city center, speed is reduced for a relaxed cruise and safety.
4. Who can ride a Segway? Are Segways safe for children / people with disabilities / pregnant women?
The Segway Tours have only a few restrictions:
• All guests must be 12 years old or above. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or a guardian.
• Be able to step on and off the Segway easily and quickly without assistance, which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending stairs without any assistance or use of a handrail.
• Be able to stand on the Segway for 1 hour at least.
• Unfortunately, pregnant women will not be allowed to participate in these tours. Their safety is our priority.
• Each participant must weigh between 40-110 Kgs (88 – 242 Lbs). Lighter or heavier participants can not be allowed on our tours because the Segway would not operate properly. Thank you for understanding
• Most tours require that guests wear a bike helmet – provided with the tour.
• Sign a liability waiver.
• Complete the Segway rider training.
• Respect road signs, pedestrians, bikes and cars for a safe and an enjoyable ride.
It is important to note that the Segway has not been designed, tested, or approved as a device appropriate for medical purposes or needs.
5. We are more than 2 people / I am a solo traveler, is it possible to go on a tour?
Yes, send us an email at aleo-4@hotmail.com and we will handle your inquiry quickly and individually. [Please include number of people, date and type of tour in the email]
6. Is it necessary to book in advance and when?
It is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment.
7. Can I make the tour the way I want, depending on my available time?
Of course! Contact us early and let us know the number of persons, available time, day and time so as to create a tour that fits your needs.
8. What is Best Ride tours cancellation policy?
Cancellation of your tour is possible 48 hrs. in advance, via email or phone. Later cancellations can not be accepted. We trust our customers to show up for their scheduled tours.
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